20er Berlin Show:

Show concepts

Our live show transports you back into the 1920s with a musical mix of electro pop and dance floor classics.

Enjoy our party band, dressed up in the style of the 1920s, with contemporary costumes and a matching choreography.

Famous hits from the rousing German series “20er Berlin Show”, such as “Zu Asche, zu Staub” are performed in a fascinating and authentic way. The unique performance of our swing band and with an energetic drum show will dip the stage into fantastic tension, only to finally explode in a musical display of glittering fireworks. We offer a unique show with our swing band and an energetic drum show that creates incredible tension on the stage, only to explode in musical fireworks. Celebrate a truly intoxicating party with your guests – entirely in the style of the 1920s – as if the world was at your feet.

An electro swing DJ rounds off the concept and ensures a non-stop party evening.


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